XC Ski!

We went to Highland Forest Park on Saturday for some cross country skiing. I was worried it may be too cold when the forecast changed from no snow to 2-4 inches and high 20′s but it was just perfect once we got moving. The fresh snow made the already beautiful surroundings even better. I hadn’t been xc skiing in probably 6 or 7 years and B hadn’t been in 20. It was easy enough to get back into it but I think we both approached it more as a workout than a leisurely ski so we did about an hour loop, passing other skiers along the way, and were both beat so we stopped back at the main lodge for lunch. After hot chocolate, we headed back out for another hour before we called it quits. I was excited to have my phone track where we went, we ended up with about 7.5 miles for the day.  I actually said that I like skiing better than running in the winter time, I’m glad we went! I wish I could get out in the snow more often, too bad there’s no xc skiing in Queens… Maybe someday I’ll live where I can xc ski out my door in the winters.

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2 Responses to XC Ski!

  1. sarah says:

    But then you’d have to live where it was cold and snowy all winter. That would be terrible! Signed, the Winter Weenie

  2. Helen says:

    Great picture!

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