Cemetery Run + Update

Today I went on a short run through Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery.

I’m slowly getting the lay of the land around our new apartment in Ridgewood. Traffic makes running not so fun in some directions, but there are a lot of cemeteries within a 10-15 minute run from our place and then if I go out further, say 20 minutes or so, I can get to Forest Park and Juniper Valley Park so that helps. The only thing about the cemeteries is that they tend to have gates all around them, but only keep one open. So the trick is finding that gate, both on the way in and then again so I can get out.

I haven’t been writing much and part of that is I haven’t been running much either. I’ve been averaging around 3 days a week of easy, solo runs for awhile now. Not as much as I’d like, but better than nothing. I also started doing the Supreme 90 Day workouts, today is day 10. Since I don’t have a running group nearby and I don’t have time to get out on runs much these days, I thought I’d try something new. Its nice to have a workout plan to follow since I’ve been running with no set goals or training plan for so long now. And, so far, its been relatively easy to fit into my schedule – most days, I’ve been doing it first thing in the morning before W gets up and if I miss that, since the workouts are short, I can fit it in during his afternoon nap. So we’ll see, it promises that I’ll “get ripped in 90 days”. But judging from the fact that I threw away the accompanying nutrition plan without even opening it, I’m not too dedicated to the full plan. So even if I don’t get huge muscles and 6 pack abs, I am happy to have a workout plan to follow for a couple of months.

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3 Responses to Cemetery Run + Update

  1. sarah says:

    Cemetaries are nice to run through, as long as they don’t have armed guards, like in Brooklyn.

    • Rebecca says:

      I haven’t seen any armed guards, yet. Yikes! Where did you see them? I’ll have to stay away from there! I just get worried I’ll get locked in, the one I ended up in yesterday had a sign that said the gate I went in was permanently closed but it was open so I went in anyway. When I saw a few work trucks head past me towards the gate, I turned around to make sure I could get out just in case…

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