Guilty Hill Workout

I’m running the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile in April. Since I’ve had no structure to my running recently, I signed up for their training plan. My motivation for signing up was so I’d get some ideas of reasonable workouts to do leading up to a 10 mile race. I have no expectations of being able to actually follow the plan as it calls for 5-6 days of running a week and I’m lucky to get out 3 days in a typical week. But, when I started getting their daily emails with the prescribed workout for the day a couple of days ago, I started to feel guilty as I read the workout and then immediately archived the email.

I haven’t had the chance to get out for a run since Saturday, which means I missed a long run and a hill workout per the plan. So today, when I finally headed out for a run, I did the hill workout instead of going for an easy run. I managed 10x around 200m long hills, running along 3rd Street in Park Slope between 5th and 6th Avenues. I was consistent in my splits, running around 55-53 seconds for all of them, with the 55′s in the first half of the workout and the 53′s towards the end. With my run to and from the hills, it was about 5.5 miles for the day. I haven’t really done any intentional speed work in a month or so, so maybe this training plan will be a good thing for me, guilting me into a workout once a week or so. We’ll see…

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  1. Sarah says:

    Getting guilted into doing speed work is really the only way I will ever do speedwork. Good job!

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